Tips on making good fics???


No matter how much you hate a character, do not go start bashing him/her, it just comes off as immature. This is just a general advice.

One pertaining to your fics: I would suggest to switch to paragraph format instead of using scripts.

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Always use proper grammar. Don't do anything like this:

"he was suddenly overtaken by fear"

Instead, use capital letters and actual punctuation. I also agree with Galaxian to abandon the script format, it's messy and unnecessary unless you're actually writing a script.


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Big problems I see with both of them is that you aren't using proper format- you have the spacing down, but you're supposed to have names in all caps, post headings for each scene in all caps that denote where & when it's taking place & whether it's inside or outside & use an act system that helps plan for commercial breaks, but, as this is unoffical, that isn't all too important. I would still, at least, use the sene headings though.

The other problem is lack of detail. You don't explain anything or try to make it sound exciting, you just post very simplistic points. Details & description are your friend, especially if you're going to stick with the script format & not actually try to film it. Honestly, writing in novel format might be harder from that perspective because you also have to have decent pacing for others to find it interesting, as well as go into as much detail as you can think of on the setting, the characters, the action & personal thoughts. In script format, all you have to worry about is setting & action & the dialog & character responses denote personality in characters.

Oh, and, I didn't read far enough to know if this was a problem, but never write a scene that has no reason to be there. Any scene/ dialog in any written work has to benefit the plot, characters, universe, or moral of the story you're trying to tell. Ok, I'm done.
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I live under the belief that anyone can become a half decent writer if they truely set their mind to it

I started litterally from the ground up and I've come quite a long way since

Spellchecking is, of course, an obvious must

Another is actually writing your story like a story, not a script

I can't tell you how many people I've seen do this

I'm not saying it's wrong (I did it myself in the beginning), but a lot of the tension and feeling that you are trying to get across is lost


If it's possible at all, you should consider having a friend look over your story and go over any and all errors you've made so you can fix them! Other people are more likely to catch things that the author may let slip through the cracks, so getting someone to do that will help you refine your story a bit more.


I'm a crappy writer, but you shouldn't make a story too serious.Humor is a nice break from the other serious fanfictions.


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treat your fanfic like a real TV show, don't just write fight scenes from start to finish. let your characters have a few dramatic moments where they learn more about each other, which in short means character development. I usually borrow elements from both Toku and J-dramas for my fanfics.
Write your fanfic as if you're writing a episode to your favorite tv show. Come up with your own idea. Have fun with it, involve character development and interesting characters. Make it moody depending on what you like in tokusatsu. Proper Grammar and Spell Check also! People will bash you for mistakes but you'll learn from them eventually. It takes practice.

As you can see I have a fanfic on here that I'm proud of and not alot of other people are because of the script style but I'm satisfied with my work.


Planning. So many fics aren't even a story but rather a jumble of words or just go on forever without even progressing with the actual plot. So sit down, plan what will happen in each chapter, and how the characters predominantly feel in each chapter. Remember that chapters in of itself are like paragraphs; they are there to form a large, yet single, point.


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Actually, if you want to do it in that manner, here's two setups for planning a story:

A) Follow this setup to plan out the general outline after brainstorming. This one definately works for script style, but will also fit with anything else.
1) Write your intro to the story & how your cast will be introduced.
2) Your inciting incident that will get your characters involved in the plot.
3) At least three main points of rising action, tension & suspense.
4) The climax of your story.
5) The resolution to your story.

B) If you are going for a TV script style, do the first one, then transfer it onto the act structure for one. TV shows plan stories out like this before writing to take full advantage of commercial breaks in order to keep people invested.
1) Teaser- Introduces the main story/ mystery of the show in 1-5 minutes.
2) Act I- Introduces your characters & all plotlines of the episode, plus leads your cast into getting involved with the main plot.
3) Act II- Following your plotlines through, aka rising action
4) Act III- revealing the mystery & lead in to the climax
5) Act IV- The climax
6) Tag- The resolution to your story.


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Write without using someone else's characters or setting. It makes you a stronger writer.

Ignore people who tell you that fanfic writing is lazy, uncreative, weak or not "real" writing. If it's fun for you, that's the most important thing.

Author's notes: keep them brief, and keep them to the beginning or end of the chapter - not in brackets in the middle of the text. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Bad Fanfic Writer said:
"I want to be everybody's friend everywhere!" said Gentaro. (A/N: LOL isn't he funny!)

Yeah. Don't do that. Also, do not have conversations with "muses" in the author's notes.

Spell check and make sure to get the names of canon characters, mecha, attacks, etc. correct. Be careful of mixing up names that are similar to characters from another series - like calling BoukenYellow Natsumi or MagiGreen Mikoto. It gets confusing for everyone.

Avoid what's known as "fanboy" or "fangirl" Japanese: random Japanese words dropped into the text. It's OK to use words like henshin or -san or -chan that we wouldn't generally translate, but don't do this:

Bad Fanfic Writer said:
"Ne, Hiromu. A Megazord has just arrived. Kowai ne!" said Yoko.

"Daijoubu. We will defeat it with our badassery," said Hiromu.

"Demo, we haven't taken down the Metaroid yet. Hayaku! We have to finish this!" said Ryuji.

I see this in a lot of tokusatsu fanfics. It just looks bad.

When writing dialogue, think about whether you can actually imagine the character saying it. If not, try to rephrase it. Also try to make the character sound like a normal person and not like they're reading lines from a script (unless it is appropriate to that character, e.g. GoseiKnight)


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I guess that depends on the person writing. Personally I prefer the paragraph format myself. But other are more comfortable with script.


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I think most people prefer to read paragraph form. Most people here write in script form because most of them are making fanfics of movies/ television shows, so it seems more natural to do it in that state.