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Publisher tinyBuild Games has announced their Pikmin-inspired exploration game, Tinykin, has now launched on most video game playing devices.
Interstellar traveler Milo has just located the lost mysterious planet known as Earth. Like Olimar, he’s extremely small compared to his surroundings…but unlike that other fat-nosed spaceman, Milo ends up landing inside a house, not a wilderness.
A location with such tall structures isn’t built for someone Milo’s size, but that’s why he has the Tinykin — an army of tiny critters that hatch from eggs and obey Milo’s commands. The Tinykins have various powers and an help Milo climb, move large objects, open doors and other human-sized tasks. Milo also has other ways to get around — he can make use of a bubble glider to soar across gaps and a soapboard to get away from insect enemies. You might even figure out how to rig some explosives if you’re feeling dangerous.
📌 Gather tinykins to scale new heights, explore new paths and open up...

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Amy Rose

I hate you! shh
This game's demo is available on Steam, and I had so much fun playing it that I gave it a perfect score—something I don't believe I've ever done for a demo. I'm happy that it is available now.
Do those independent developers that essentially remake cherished Nintendo titles that Nintendo still declines to produce have a name yet? This appears to be a hybrid between Chibirobo and Pikmin. Looks really cool.


This brings to my mind The Thousand Year Door from Paper Mario, in particular Chapter 2 of that game. It
starts to resemble a combination of Pikmin and Chibi Robo in appearance.