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MorpheusZ Games has announced the release of their puzzle platformer, Time Master, to Steam.
Zeno is a master wizard, but prone to getting frustrated. One day he got so fed up with his sister that he threw her into a prison vortex. Then he thought “maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” Only problem is, it will be much harder to get her out than it was to put her in. It’s a PRISON vortex, after all, not meant to be exited easily. It’s also full of dangerous criminals who are meant to be there and Zeno can’t let escape in the process of saving his sister.
Zeno needs your help, even though this is his own mess! Harness his power to rewind and freeze time, and break through the many puzzles of the vortex.

Experience a fully voice-acted cinematic story that delivers surprises and laughs.
Take on the challenge of the Ancients and master a wide variety of puzzle mechanics.
Use Zeno’s ability to rewind time and collaborate with his past self to overcome obstacles.
Recover time fragments by...

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