Three Returning Actors Confirmed For Final Flash Season

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I had been watching this show before I grew hairs on my armpit. It is like it has been part of my life for a long time and now it is about to end.


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I have a friend who got married with the song "Keep Running Home to you", He really loved that song and he discovered it thanks to The Flash.


Keiynan Lonsdale came out as bisexual in real life after he quits Arrowverse years ago. He stopped playing straight roles so I think his character will come out as LGBT too since the article says heartfelt moment. Arrowverse had cast many LGBT actors to play straight roles with the characters staying straight.

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The Flash has been my favorite superhero since the first episode of this show, which I began watching on a regular basis. In the event that it comes to that, I am ready for anything. Now, more than ever, is the time to bring the Arrowverse to a close by witnessing Nora's birth and the triumphant arrival of the world's fastest man at the finish line. The time has come to call an end to the Arrowverse. One more run Barry! Glad to see familiar faces in the last season.

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Despite the fact that WB has recently developing a habit of canceling popular shows like Netflix, I intend to watch Flash through season 10. As a result of this, I am relieved that we have reached a conclusion. It is still one of my deepest hopes that this year will be the most memorable of all. Give us the Finale we deserve!


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Wow Barry had left the Legends in Prison, they wont be mentioned on this finale at all. Sad they got abandoned like that.


Yeah I thought Legends of tomorrow will have some kind of appearance but I guess they are in prison forever after that cliffhanger cancellation. At least The Flash managed to survive the cancelpocalypse started by the Warner Discovery merger, Along with Arrow and Supergirl.
I was so young and Innocent when I first watched this show. Glad to see a closure after it's long run in an age where tv cancellations is a pandemic.

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Diggle and Wally West coming back for the last Season is a great way to end things. In the past, this was the only show I ever watched because it was my absolute favorite. It's disappointing when a show you've enjoyed for a long time is cancelled and I am glad this one will have a real conclusion. Nonetheless, I plan on checking out the final season in the hopes that it delivers. The last season just kind of fizzled out, and I stopped watching it. Barry's journey will have come full circle, ending (or beginning) for good, depending on the outcome of his final showdown with Thawne and his transformation into the bolt of lightning that grants Thawne his powers.


My favorite iteration of The Flash was in seasons 1-3, and I'm hoping that this final season can recapture that spirit and tone as a fitting sendoff. The first three years are my favorites. I just stayed out of loyalty and hope there is a pay off.

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