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Where is Claire De Lune? That’s what gamers might be asking (the title was first announced in 2015), but it’s also what the lead protagonist, her father John De Lune, wants to know. Claire has gone missing somewhere on an alien planet, and John’s on a mission to find her. Three new gameplay trailers from Tactic Studios demonstrate how he’ll pull that off.
John has now crash-landed on the planet and broken his ship, so there’s no going back now. Good thing he came armed with a powerful Nanogun. The device is capable of generating blocks, jump zones and tractor beams, among more conventional uses…it’s just what he needs to get past the many obstacles of this foreign world and rescue Claire. The puzzle-based gameplay may remind you of Portal, minus the actual portals.

Utilize the nanogun’s unique abilities to solve 3D puzzle-platforming sequences.

Solve challenging adventure-style puzzles that simulate hacking, coding, and other technical endeavors.

Play through action vignettes...
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