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I was wondering if anybody else had this ''problem'', you see... I usally come to the forums and click on: quick links --> Today's post.... but lately that option no longer apear.... is this like a problem of mine or the site dosen't have anymore this option.... BTW. the ''Search'' option also dosen't apear


Keith Justice

New Member
We had to turn off both as it was putting a powerful strain on our systems. We'll be taking the site down tomorrow from 1-5pm to do some maintenance and make sure we're working right so we can get more of our features turned back on.

Btw... please do not use this thread to report problems. Please make a new thread if you are experiencing any issues or require any assistance.

For Great Justice. :thumbs:


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^ After the downtime on Monday, we should just make a new thread where people can post issues/problems and sticky it.
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