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Given enough time, a lot can change about the world. The original Animaniacs premiered at a time when millions of children turned on the same TV channels and sat down at the same designated times every weekday — even sitting through ads (can you imagine). In those days you needed at least 65 episodes at launch to hold their attention, and while most ventures produced them as quickly and cheaply as possible, that wasn’t how it was done with Animaniacs. Each episode was top quality with fluid animation and orchestrated sound, and they still hold up to this day.
Now kids can get all their shows on-demand, from a library of hundreds of titles, and no two children are watching the same thing at any time. Could Animaniacs adapt to a world like this? Turns out it didn’t need to — with very little changes to the format, the reintroduction became one of the top series on Hulu when it launched last year, and a third season was approved immediately. The voice cast sat down for a panel this...
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