Thinking about Kikaider: Reboot news

You know after i read about the news of Kikaider:Reboot see here:
It left me wonder seeing that this film might be either a semi sequel to the original of a remake of the original since it takes place in the near future , Perhaps the film will follow the path just like what toei did to Space sheriff gavan in its 2012 movie or going to take the path of the reboot of the kamen rider series called "Kamen rider the first" (although its proposed film trilogy should have concluded with a third film starring riderman) well either way maybe the original actor of kikaider Daisuke Ban will appear as a cameo in the film maybe in his old role to be a passing of the torch to his successor and maybe the costume of the new kikaider in this film will either be the new and improved kikaider suit from the 1972 series and Lets go kamen rider including its teaser at the end of Superhero taisen Z ,A "heisei like kikaider suit" just like "inazuman" from Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum or perhaps in the root of Kamen rider the first remodelled kikaider suit.Am i right? :disappoin

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