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One of the biggest video game flops of the 2010s was Aliens: Colonial Marines, released by Sega. An embarrassing, shallow and buggy mess, it might have forever tainted the brand if Alien: Isolation hadn’t come to the rescue and produced a true classic. That, however, was survival horror, not a co-op shooter. Now, developer Cold Iron Studios is daring to give the shooter genre another shot. They’ve just announced Aliens: Fireteam, an Alien-skinned variation on Left 4 Dead coming to consoles and PC this summer.
The game is set after Alien 3, when the existence of Xenomorphs has become public human knowledge — and a real threat. Several space colonies are under attack by Xeno hives, and your squad is being sent as exterminators. There’s more to deal with than the previous team had, though. New variants of Xenomorphs not seen in the movies include Spitters, who hock deadly acid balls at you, and Bursters, who happen to be filled with a lot more acid and have to be dealt with from a...
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