There's A FIRENADO Coming From Uncork'd

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Shimmering Splendid
So first we have a Cocaine Bear and now we have with Firenado. I can't with these literal titles becoming the plot.


And all that I can see is just another Lemon tree
Sounds like a stupid silly idea but it will be terrifying in real life.


This proves that Hollywood lacks creative talent. The same stupid movies over and over again, but with a new twist each time. It is comparable to Sharknado, but contains no sharks. Given that this is a video-on-demand service, it does not directly compete with Avatar: Way of the Water in terms of visual effects.


New Member
Tornadoes are among the things I fear the most... If you add fire to it, I will immediately experience a panic attack and cower in a corner, shaking like a cat that has just seen a cucumber.


Wow, that is interesting. Although I am against doing these things that are against mother nature but since it's just a movie so I will like to see how they do it and how intriguing it is.


New Member
Cool concept but it looks like a cheap B movie that is straight to VHS that wont get rented in Box office back in the 90s.

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