There Are Four Hosts Podcast Episode 2 – Star Trek Picard (Star Trek Nemesis)

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Apr 7, 2012
The moment you’ve all been waiting for…our second episode! Where we discuss the movie Star Trek Nemesis.
We discuss the weak plot of Nemesis…which is so weak we start talking Star Wars movies, Stargate and The Mandalorian! Also, we welcome our new fourth host Keith Justice!
We’re now in the home stretch with only 17 days to go until Star Trek Picard! We’re committed to having a new episode every week up until and including the entire run of Picard!
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There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Picard Podcast)
Episode – 02 (Star Trek Nemesis)
Michael: 00:18
All right. Welcome, everybody to the second episode of therefore hosts. I am one of your host, Michael.
Jonathan: 00:25
Hey, there I am, Jonathan. Just average J.
Sabrina: 00:29
Hey, guys, Sabrina’s back. You can find me as wet, get gaming pretty much anywhere. And, uh, unfortunately, our dear friend Heiress, um, had to depart. We had some times own...

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