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Kodansha announced today that, in honor of the Attack on Titan anime running its final season, the number of volumes in the manga series has been temporarily expanded on ComiXology. As of now, anyone with a ComiXology Unlimited or Kindle Unlimited subscription can read AoT up to Volume 22 free of charge.
And in case you get hooked (which they’re counting on), Volume 23 through 32 of Attack On Titan are now up to 50% off. The sale also folds in spinoff volumes such as Before The Fall, Lost Girls, Junior High and others.
Attack On Titan’s final season completed its initial run late last month. Like Season 3, Season 4 is being split into two parts, with the first 16 having aired in early 2021 and the remainder (episode count unknown) now in production. The exact day the show will return in Japan has not been revealed at this time, but a vague release window of “next winter” has been announced. The final season is being animated by MAPPA...
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