Tech The WWE Network - A Potential Game Changer?

Jeff Harris

World Wrestling Entertainment announced plans to launch a 24/7 linear streaming channel dedicated to their popular worldwide brand of sports entertainment, or as we tend to call it, professional wrestling. The WWE Network goes live on February 24 immediately following their popular prime-time...
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Didn't know about that. I wonder if there gonna play some classic wrestling from when if was called WWF. I stop watching wrestling around the time they changed the name to WWE. Its still a good idea to a 24/7 wrestling channel.


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I believe they do. They're 10 bucks a month. So, it's not too much to drop if you really like wrestling.


Wrestling has still managed to survive over the years! I wonder what happened to the other wrestling companies? WWE literally has no competition. WWE monopolized the industry, and what about an all women wrestling show. There was one called the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association that ran from 1989-1992. It would be cool to bring that back.

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