Izuku “Deku” Midoriya will one day be the world’s greatest Hero, but first, he must hone his superpower (“Quirk”) and survive a high school experience unlike any other. My Hero Academia, the Worldwide Smash hit manga and anime by Kohei Horikoshi, is entering it’s sixth season on the air, and once again Deku and his classmates will be tested by an oncoming war, and the looming threat of an old enemy who covets his Quirk.
At the end of season five, key players in both the Hero and Villain sides have moved in to position for battle. The League of Villains has defeated the Meta Liberation Army, and in the wake formed the Paranormal Liberation Front, a powerful faction of Villains led by Tomura Shigaraki, wielder of the “Decay” Quirk that disintegrates whatever he touches. Deku and his classmates have been sent to train with Pro Heroes in preparation for the oncoming attack by the new Paranormal Liberation Front. This season seems to be covering the Liberation War arc fully, so...

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Yes the fall of 2022 season is stacked,Every summer everyone is always expected of what the industry will bring to keeps is glued.And as expected they have meet the expectations yet again.The cour has also welcomed the next seasoned of My heron academia as Izuka is prepared to face his most intense battles yet.

I rember the fued that happened with one of the fan and i think it this has been addred. And what could that be? Well, it seems like the season is skipping its usual recap. Up until now, My Hero Academia has rolled out recap episodes at the start of every season, but a source from "anime tv jp" suggests that will not be the case.