The Viewing Globe V4 - Tentacles. All Up in Your Face.

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The new year's about 9 1/2 hours old from where I am. I got to celebrating well before you guys did.


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To ring off the new year.............I'm watching Rina Akiyama's bloody gore movie without any subs LOL


metalsymphony said:
Ahh, ok, i get it.

It's not like i'm gonna have her lay nude on her bed while i get on top of her and rub Sensual Oil's all over her body while scented candle's burn and relaxing ambient music plays.

At best ill be sitting behind her on the Couch digging into her shoulders and rubbing her feet in a brightly lit
living room with Star Trek II on the TV.

Ahhh haha well that clears things up Haha.. cause when you say massage.. you're opening up a world of possibilities.
Mr. Yellow said:
Yeah, that's the thing that's confusing at times. I always hear that girls that don't let you get too close to them are good ones, but then again could it be a good thing that she trusts you enough to let you massage her feet or something?
I guess it depends on the girl. There are probably plenty of good girls that are just open with that kind of stuff.. and plenty of bad ones who are sticklers for it.. (playing hard to get?)
I just know for me.. I don't like to play guys.. intimacy is important to me, and I'd feel uncomfortable getting close to someone unless I feel I know and trust them ._.


Happy New Year HJU!

G'night I'm off to bed. *Cough cough* stupid flu...

Also this thread should be titled "The Viewing Globe 4ever: This Time, Its Personal"

V3 was a riff on Kamen Rider V3 so we gotta have a joke with 4 in the new title!


Stupid me decided to check my grades online tonight :/ I have straight As/A+s.. except for my mark in my Psychology elective isn't showing up.. it says "Course in Progress" and it's fucking getting me worried. I can't call the school until Monday, either. I'm sure I passed, but I bombed an essay (60%) :/ I am worried if that fucked me over, now.. and I'm honestly scared if I got lower than a 65.. I feel like I'm sure I didn't.. because I got good on the tests (80-90%).. but I felt good about that essay (and got ****).. and I felt good about the exam (and I'm scared that I got shitty) and now I'm freaking scared as hell. I studied so hard.. and I felt confident.. but now because of this it has me frightened..
@_@ I feel like maybe there's a delay because of a question that got fucked up on the exam (there was no number 46 so we had to skip it and go onwards).. but damnit.. I hate feeling like this..

I don't want to have to retake a course this semester to make up for the credit.. because my schedule is jam-packed as it is.. (I'm going to be working on projects from like 10am till 10pm every day this semester) @_@ **** I feel so frightened.

Now I can't sleep ;_; On New Year's Day.. damnit.. why'd I have to check tonight? ;__;..


Raxbait: Hip
Darn Iced Tea Lemonade....stayed up all night D: least I'm 10 hours into my Golden Sun game XD
Holy Hell.
I leave, then i come back to a new viewing globe.....:sly:

Anyway, had a great night!
There is nothing like spending New Year's eve with a lovely lady.

I just go back home now, and i'm officially drained....but in a good way.


I had a fun evening last night even if I'm still sick. Still I'm not going anywhere today and I'll try not to even say a single word!

I need to be back in shape for work on monday.
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