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Speaking of Ultraman, I finally watched the first 2 eps of Ginga and actually enjoyed them. Gonna watch the rest of the series. Has Ginga S been subbed yet?


One group subbed the first couple of episodes of Ginga S I think but nobody's really touched it so far.


PM him the link if you have too, we don't usually allow download links outside the download forum.


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How's everyone doing with the ungodly amount of snow? I'm just hoping that when I get back to my karate classes that I'm not back to being rusty; too many cancellations. :shakefist


So I just finished watching Kamen Rider Skull: Message for Double.
Damn, that was a real good short.
My only gripe is that cause it was short, the big reveal was pretty much the dumbest thing ever.
And I wish they fleshed out Matsu more instead of simply giving him a finger snap as his main identifier.
Oh well, it was still enjoyable for what it was.

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After watching classic Sentai (Zyuranger DVD set) for the first time in YEARS... I am reminded of how watered down and pathetic current Toku is compared to the old days. Rewatching the Dragon Ranger Arc and Death Arc just kicked my ass.12

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What happened to this site? It used to be pretty booming.

I know all the female posters got ran off, but where did everybody else go?


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Dude...I don't even know man! Although I don't post as much, I still read the convos!! This site use to be busy back when I was I high school 6 years ago... :(

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