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I started the process of deleting my Facebook profile yesterday. After two weeks of not logging in, it will go away for good. Best fucking decision I've ever made.

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Im doing a thing.... Dont tell anyone



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What is this **** I've been hearing about some Filipino News broad show and Red Mask's wife?
Firstly, it's not "some broad". It's a TV news show that features the name of it's main host/narrator (Jessica Soho) in it's title. Basically, the way I see it, it's just a bunch of miscommunication and he said/she said type of situation. The guys from JEFusion looked into it.

Read these: (has a YouTube clip of the segment in question)

TLazyDR: Apparently the Filipino news show was doing a segment about the sentai/toku fandom in the Philippines for one of their episodes, and thus some research reps from the show interviewed Red Mask's wife (who is Filipino) via Skype for it (you see part of the interview in the first link I posted).

These research reps (not necessarily the host herself) apparently then asked the wife about possibly setting up another Skype interview with her husband and possibly other sentai/toku actors. According to the wife, Red Mask was able to contact some other sentai/toku actors and was able to get them to set aside some time to come do the interview (apparently some of them even cancelled other engagements for this). However, when the actors all showed up ready for the interview, they were not able to contact anyone from the show (i.e. in their eyes, the interviewer "no showed"). The wife obviously was not happy with this, and in her opinion, the show (or at least someone from the show) is/was trying to make her husband and sentai/toku actors in general look like fools (those are her words). Now, some Filipino toku fans are speaking out against the show, saying that the show's lack of communication was unprofessional, and they are calling for the show to apologize to the actors for not being clear about what they wanted to do for the interview, IF they were really going to do it, and if so, when they wanted to do it.

The second link has a JEFusion rep asking a FORMER staff member of the news show about what she knew (if anything) about the incident. While the former staff member doesn't necessarily defend how the show's reps handled the incident, she basically says that she thinks that there was some confusion/miscommunication between the two sides, and that in all likelihood, they were already privately contacting each other to, as she put it in the interview, "make amends".

At the bottom of the second link's post, some reps from the news show apparently posted on their Facebook page that they're aware of the situation and are investigating what happened.
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I think it's a failure to communicate the intent of the episode. If they just wanted to highlight the relationship between Red Mask and the wife, it didn't get through to the wife at all.

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What TV shows is everyone watching these days?

For me it's Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Constantine, The Walking Dead, Z-Nation, ToQGer, KR Drive, and Supernatural.

I also watch porn.


I am so behind on watching tv shows it's not even funny.

And I think porn was a given for you FK lol


Man, this place is dead...

Anyway, I just finished a very-belated watching of Jetman. That was amazing. I've also started Metalder, and it's also amazing. I'm glad to have time for more hobbies now that I'm done with my Bachelor's.


As many times as I've seen Destroy All Monsters I just realized tonight that the guy who plays Hyata in Ultraman has a small part in it.

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