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I noticed that with the NES games, there might not be anything that's really expensive, but just a lot of good solid titles, and very little filler. That's good depth.

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Nintendo Switch
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Special Edition
128GB microSDXC memory card with adapter
The Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts book

I was worried that this would be another NES Classic fiasco, but Best Buy told me that I'd definitely be leaving with a Switch since I reserved. The release was more organized than I thought it would be. I also got a memory card since they said it would be necessary for any additional content I might download for Breath of the Wild. It was also on sale, and cost $102 less than normal. Still, I might be able to get it for less somewhere else. So I'll just shop around and return the one I have to Best Buy if I'm successful.

Barnes & Noble sent me a 20% discount code and I used it on the Arts and Artifacts book yesterday morning, and the book actually arrived today. I didn't even have it expedited. So it's cool that I was able to get all this stuff today.

The Switch is the first system I've bought at launch. I did get the DS when it came out in 2004, but that's a portable, and it could have waited since I didn't end up getting my first game for it until two years later. I thought it would have come out sooner. With the Switch though, I've already got a game for it that I can play.

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Treasure Cards of the Underworld
I have grown to love 90s games from Atlus and so, seeking a new thrill of this kind, I caved and bought myself a 3DS with Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and, gosh, it's pretty darn fun so far. Just got to the second encounter with Carol J where he tried to summon an angel and, well, spoilers happen.
The loyalty system is an interesting addition. Would love to have seen how Devil Summoner 1 did that by comparison if only I could understand the game. xD
Kinda odd to see alignment decided solely by the summoned demons instead of the leader. Hm.


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I'm playing Street Fighter IV CE on Mobile right now. Also Dino Charge Rumble.

Finished beginner mode with Cammy today.

For Dino Charge Rumble I'm leveling everybody up. I was going for a 20 before I start story mode. Training in the Ranger Challenges . I bought into the game yesterday.

Any of you guys remember Street Fighter as far back as SNES? I used to play on PS1. E X 2 Plus actually.

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