The Vampire Diaries


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Any fans here of the Epic Show The Vampire Diaries on the CW Network:

Later i'll post my thoughts on the Season Finally


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My Thoughts on the Season Finally:

Happy that Damon is safe and looking forward to see more of a Evil Stefan but i want to see Evil Damon more.

I wonder will Damon/Elena will take the knife out of Elijah's Body but will they trust him.

Did not see Anna & Vickie being brought back from the Dead.

10* Episode Epic can't wait for Season 3


I think it's a pretty decent show. It falls somewhere between Twilight and True Blood. If you can get past the corny romance and horrible product placements, it's actually enjoyable.

Regarding the season finale:
[HIDE]I'm going to take a guess that Jeremy is somewhere between life and death. So I wouldn't say Anna and Vicki are back from the dead but that Jeremy can now see/talk to the dead.

Also, I really liked that scene between Alaric and Jeremy where Alaric made fun of what Bonnie said. Vampire Diaries needs more humor like that.[/HIDE]


So in other words, the cycle of supernatural beings is completed? We have vampires, witches, werewolves, vamp/werewolf hybrid, and now ghosts? This show goes hard!

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FK youre such a perv. :p Ive only seen about 3 or 4 eps. It caught my eye but not enough for me to watch like ohh i gotta watch now. Like a crack head or something. I plan on it one day.

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it's funny people call this Twilight light, because to me its what Twilight could be if it was made by competant people. Im way behind on Season 2, but overall this is a grewat watch i think, and well worth giving a try too! As with any show, if u don't like it in 5 episodes, stop.


i will not admit that I watch this show :p but if i did I'd have to say the plot twists amuse me enough to keep on watching it