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Anyone on this site watch the Vampire Diaries?
And if so, are you anticipating seeing Season Six?


Shelby Clark

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I just started watching this again on Netflix! I am only on Season 3 though. :p I started watching it a long time ago and then stopped. Then, I started to read the books, but they are so different! I just got the urge to start watching it again and have made it to Season 3. So it will be awhile until Season 6!


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I'm currently watching season 6. I actually think they've done a great job this year. I wasn't a fan of the central back and forth with Elena. So, I feel like the new material is great. I read somewhere that ratings were down this season, not that bad, but still down. I hope it sticks around though. I feel like I'm just getting back into what made me like the show in the first place. Side note, I really need to catch up on The Originals. I haven't seen it since episode 5 or 6 in season 1.
I've been following the show for quite a long time now and like so many shows, I am getting a little sick and tired of the storyline. I don't get excited to watch the show like I used to. I only do so because I have nothing else to watch or do. Season 5 was quite boring but Season 6 is a lot better, I'm starting to slowly gain more interest again.


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I love the Vampire Diaries i liked it when they had the original family and I like it now with Enzo. It makes sense if you were a vampire for 200 or more years that you would have friends and enemies. I don't like that they killed off Katherine, she was a very interesting character. I would rather trade bonnie for Katherine and maybe Vicki to return.


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I started watching The Vampire Diaries shortly after watching The Twilight movie series. The first couple of episodes reminded me of the movie. Then I realized it was so much better. I still enjoy most of the episodes but am somewhat behind. It's still interesting although I agree that some episodes dragged. I haven't seen any of The Original's episode yet either. I'm sure it's good as I am a Klaus fan as well. The series has it's up and downs but it remains one of my favorite shows and I hope it will be around for a while longer.
I'm not going to read through the comments on here since I'm still on season one, but I just started binge watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix not too long ago. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I really do so far. I was able to watch most of the first season in two days and I'll probably finish up tomorrow.