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In a few days Netflix will debut the second season of their Umbrella Academy TV show, based on the comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. You could watch this family of superhero wannabes have adventures, or you could live them. The experience will soon be replicated in the form of a tabletop card game, and it’s on Kickstarter this moment.
Here’s how to play: Up to six players assume the identities of the Umbrella Academy members. A Hero card tells your identity, a Life Card shows how healthy or damaged you are and Hero Attack cards let you strike at enemies with your powers (or in one case, lack thereof).
But your problems aren’t just the bad guys…it’s each other! Each round starts with the turnover of a Dysfunctional Family Card that tells you what petty conflict the gang will be fighting over WHILE they’re trying to stop the villains. We think it’s both clever and hilarious this is...
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