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I wonder what kind of edit Stephenie will have on this show. In Survivor Palau she is this tragic hero who was the last member of tribe to reach the merge because her tribe lost every single immunity challenge. In Survivor Guatemala she was this villain who got corrupted by power and became arrogant, she was also discriminatory to female contestants. In Survivor Heroes vs Villains she was a victim of injury and got voted off before the merge. I am Glad The self proclaimed Oprah in a Gangsta suit, Cirie is back!

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Stephenie and Cirie had lost Survivor multiple times and two of those attempts, they never reached the merge. Lets see how much better they are in this game.


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No there are some contestants who have The Traitors as their first reality show. The crossover contestants are just there for ratings.


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If I am there I will vote off the Big Brother and Survivor contestants right away, They had experience on backstabbing people. SO I don't care if they are not the traitor.


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So a person will be eliminated every episode? This is like a combination of The Mole, Big Brother and Murder at Small Town X.


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Just watched the first episode and it looks fun. It does feel like a real life Among Us. I am rooting for Cirie because I know what she is capable to do.


I am not a fan of these shows and didn't like Big brother but I will be looking forward to this and hope the participants/contestants include some of my favorites.


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Cirie is dominating again! She is a master manipulator, Not only she is good in Survivor she is also good here.


Fun Show but I wish the prize money is much more higher. $250 thousand is too low. Survivor's price money is 1 Million and Squid Game the challenge is $4.56 Million.


Cirie is dominating again! She is a master manipulator, Not only she is good in Survivor she is also good here.
Those that are able to play mind games and are able to read other persons mind are good at surviving in these shows but I have a doubt that these shows are scripted.


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They are gameshow format, so they are not scripted, if they are scripted a lot of these people are actors by now.


If I still you my name we wont be strangers
After being robbed of a win so much on Survivor, it's wonderful to watch Cirie Fields finally triumph in a contest. In The Traitor, her prior experience with reality television undoubtedly provided her an advantage, and it's amazing to see her triumph. It merely serves as further proof that tenacity and endurance are worthwhile efforts. Congrats to Cirie on her well-deserving victory! Let's hope to see more of The Traitor in next seasons.


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I couldn't agree with you more! Cirie Fields' victory in The Traitor is truly well-deserved after all the times she was robbed on Survivor. Her experience on reality shows definitely gave her an edge and it's great to see her come out on top. This just goes to show that hard work and determination pay off in the end. Congratulations to Cirie on her win! She dominated everyone including Big Brother and Survivor contestants. I hears she and Stephenie will team up in Amazing Race.


The competitiveness and drama on the show have both captured my attention. But I've seen that having reality show stars mixed together with regular folks sometimes work against the latter group. I believe that a season of The Traitor including only regular individuals would be much more fascinating, even though having celebrities on the show does offer an interesting aspect. This would provide a fresh spin on the show and challenge the participants in new ways.
It would be fascinating to observe how regular people fare in the game of deceit since I think they have the capacity to bring fresh alliances and techniques to the table. A season without reality stars would also level the playing field and give each contestant a better chance.

We can only hope that the makers of The Traitor will take this suggestion into account for a later season. Who else is eager to watch a cast comprised entirely of regular people?


As a fan of The Traitor, I've been thoroughly enjoying the show's competition and drama. While I understand why some fans might prefer a season with only regular people, I believe that having a mix of reality show celebrities and regular people adds a unique dynamic to the competition.Reality stars bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from previous shows, which can heighten the competition. They also bring a level of excitement and recognition to the show, which can attract new viewers. Furthermore, their celebrity status can add a layer of intrigue and drama to the competition, making it even more entertaining to watch.I believe that The Traitor's mix of reality celebrities and regular people creates a well-rounded and challenging competition, and I'm excited to see how it plays out in future seasons


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Sandra Diaz-Twine and Tony Vlachos joining the competition on The Traitor would be fantastic. Both of these players have proven to be masterful competitors, having won the game twice. Their experience and strategic prowess would add a new level of excitement to the competition, and it would be fascinating to see how they fare in a different type of reality show. It'd also be interesting to see how they adjust to a completely different set of rules and challenges. I believe that having Sandra and Tony on The Traitor would add an extra layer of excitement and drama to the competition, and I hope that the show's creators will think about it for a future season. Who else is excited to see these two Survivor legends compete on The Traitor?

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