The Toy Haul Thread... OF JUSTICE 3: 1# In the Hood, G.

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Just the one, since I already have a Casual Bruce, I thought I could just swap things around if I get bored, instead of shelling out extra and ending up with 3 Bruces.
Yeah, I didn't have another Bruce body, so I shelled out extra for the limited edition. But it was worth it, and I paid it off with money I got from selling my figures I didn't want.


My Hybrid Haul For Weds. 11/16/2011

Botcon 2010 > Boxset Exclusives:
x1 G2 Redux Breakdown-{Ebay Seller: warrior-priest}

Lego Ninjago:
x1 #2516 Ninja Training Outpost (2011)-{Online Store:}

Transformers - Animated > Japanese Release/Single-Pack(s) > Destron(s):
x2 TA-26 Megatron-{Online Store:}

Botcon 2007 > Boxset Exclusives:
x1 Bugbite-{Ebay Seller: napalmseasons}

Transformers Generations > Deluxe Class > TRU EXs #001 > Asst. #XXXXX:
#34084 Rage Over Cybertron-{Online Store:}

Transformers DOTM > Deluxe & Voyager Class > TRU EX #001 > Asst. #XXXXX:
x1 #34074 Streetside Brawl-{Online Store:}/Got It On Tues. 11-15-2011

Lego Creator:
x1 #6911 Mini Fire Truck (2012)-{Online Store:}/Got It On Tues. 11-15-2011

Lego City > Special Edition/TRU EX(s):
x1 #7848 Toys-"R"-Us Truck-{Online Store:}/Got It On Tues. 11-15-2011



Got in a preorder for S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla w/ first release bonus at AmiAmi and the MechaGodzilla 2 release at amazon with free Prime shipping.


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My hauls over the past week... 8th Mooger.

I've been enjoying 'Terra Nova' a lot so I wanted a Stephen Lang figure on my desk.
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My Hybrid Haul For Thurs. 11/17/2011

Transformers Henkei > Replica/Unofficials > Destron(s):
x1 of 4 Ramjet (4th)-{Online Store:}
x1 V2 Thundercracker (Freebie)-{Online Store:}
x5 Wildrider(s)-{Online Store:}

Botcon 2010 > Other Exclusives:
x1 Air/Sea/Land-Sharkticons-{Ebay Seller: armored_penguin_toys}

Botcon 2011 EXs > Toys > "Stunticons: The Con Is On!":
x1 Drag Strip + Bonus-{ Member: Trailbreaker77}

Yu-Gi-Oh > ZeXal/Cards:
x1 2011 Wave #2 Tins - Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon-{Store: Meijer}
x13 PSHW-EN Pack(s)-{Store: Meijer}

Lego City > Impulse Sets/Meijer EX:
x1 #30014 Police Helicopter-{Store: Meijer}

Lego Atlantis > Impulse Sets/Meijer EX:
x1 #30040 Octopus-{Store: Meijer}

Transformers Generations > Deluxe Class > Wave #6 > Asst. #98452:
x1 #28592 Scourge-{Store: Meijer}

Lego Minifigures > Series #5:
x3 #8805 Random Lego Minifigure(s)-{Store: Meijer}

Angry Bird(s) > Other:
x1 Piglet "Backpack Clip"-{Store: Meijer}




Got Prime Arcee and Prime Starscream!

I also got Specialist Ratchet and Cyberverse Commander Megatron!


My Hybrid Haul For Fri. 11/18/2011

Transformers - Animated > Japanese Release/Single-Pack(s) > Destron(s):
x2 TA-06 Megatron (CM)-{Online Store:}

Transformers ROTF > EZ Collection DX:
x2 EZ DX Devastator (G1 Colored Version)-{Online Store:}

Nintendo DS Game(s) > JPN Release(s):
x1 Kazoku Sentai Gokaiger + 35 Super Sentai Game-{Online Store:}

Book(s) > Pearls Before Swine Related:
x1 Larry In Wonderland (PBS Collection)-{Online Store:}

Pokemon Related-DVD(s):
x1 Zoroak The Master Of Illusions-{Online Store:}

IDW Publishing > TF Comic > TPB Release(s):
x1 TF-Ongoing - Volume #04 "Heart Of Darkness"-{Online Store:}
x1 TF-Ongoing - Volume #05 "Chaos Theory"-{Online Store:}

Manga(s) > Pokemon -Related:
x1 Pokemon Black & White Manga Vol #04-{Online Store:}
x1 Pokemon D&P&Pt "Zoroak - Master Of Illusions"-{Online Store:}

Angry Birds Plush(es) > Seasons:
x1 Winter Piglet V1-{Online Store:}



dude nerdisms thats what you are
Not Transformers Prime toys yet but these two should tie me over. Plus they were free off a friend of mine.
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