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The Tarnishing Of Juxtia is coming to PCs this summer, courtesy of publisher Mastiff and developer Actual Nerds. There’s still no specified day of release, but a new teaser trailer has been posted by the team. The action RPG is a punishingly difficult 2D slasher in the vein of Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series.
In a dark gothic world, a twisted supernatural plague is ravaging all life — and we MEAN twisted; anything it infects is distorted into a hideous flesh monster. You are a nameless hero created by a dying god (who was named Juxtia), with one purpose to your existence: beat back the plague and save your world. Along the way, collect items, discover weapons and armor, and make yourself powerful enough to take down whoever’s behind this.

An Extraordinary Adventure Awaits: Explore 15 unique environments, engage in 14 formidable boss battles, and uncover plenty of secrets and sidequests in this...

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I love Platformers so I am glad this is coming to Steam and mainstream companies rarely make platformer games these days.

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