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Fans of The Tale of Nokdu should, in my opinion as someone who has read it, read the original webtoon. The show vividly depicts the characters and plot, but the webcomic provides additional depth and information that did not fit in the adaptation. Observing the differences and similarities between the two media is also fascinating. If you liked the K-drama in general, I think you'll enjoy the webtoon.


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I would unquestionably recommend The Tale of Nokdu to any K-drama fan.I'm curious to see how Nokdu's story ends and what he decides to do.The Tale of Nokdu was very well received by viewers, as evidenced by the high rating it received from viewers.Jeon Nokdu, played by Jang Dong Yoon, is certain to be the series' standout performance.


I mean, The Tale of Nokdu was absolutely incredible! It had everything, from intense fight scenes to a storyline that kept me engrossed. And can we discuss the female assassins from the first episode? I was on the verge of tears, trying to figure out why they were after Nokdu's family.Then it was revealed that Nokdu was a prince with many different identities throughout the show! His character was also extremely likable, and I was completely rooting for him throughout the series. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely do so!


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I must say, I was rather intrigued by how the television show delved into the concept of destiny and whether Nokdu was indeed destined to rule. The on-screen chemistry between Nokdu and Dong Joo was simply captivating, and I found myself emotionally invested in their relationship.

Furthermore, I was thoroughly impressed by the exquisite costumes and set design that truly transported me to another era. The dynamic between the widows was most intriguing, and I found the supporting characters to be equally as engaging as the main characters. All in all, it was a splendidly executed production.


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I genuinely felt like I was taken to a different time and place thanks to the beautiful costumes and set design.


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I have seen Sohyun in many KDRAMAS, but this is the only one where she is not shy! It is not an exaggeration, and it is because Dong Yoon makes her feel more at ease than any other actor she has worked with. I adore the tale of Nokdu, and I believe that the supporting cast, as well as the actors and actresses, did a fantastic job portraying their respective roles.


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The well-executed love triangle between Nokdu, Dong Joo, and Yul Moo captivated me.
The show's pace was perfect; I never got the impression that it was moving too slowly or too quickly.
I liked how the show handled its exploration of gender identity with sensitivity and care.


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I like the drama, but after Nokdu stopped dressing femininely, I lost interest. It features a great cast, is hilarious, and is heartfelt. Dramas that emphasize not only the main characters but also the supporting cast and interpersonal interactions are my favorite kind.

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