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The Swimmers is the Biopic of Yusra Mardini and her sister Sara. It is coming to Netflix this September 8.
They left their country Syria because of a bloody civil war that happened in 2015. As a result of the destruction caused by the war, they have no choice but to leave the nation that they have always called home. They enter Turkey via the borders of Lebanon, which they crossed on their way from Syria. They traveled on a boat across the Aegean Sea to Greece, and when they arrived they were able to have Germany as their new home.
These Sisters are able to do the impossible as they move to Germany with nothing. They competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics after both of them got recruited for Refugee Olympic Athletes Team.

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I knew their story but the sisters never won gold medals but I guess going to the Olympics as refugee is enough honor for them.


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Very challenging preview to watch, knowing there are still people suffering in Syria. Aside from moving me to tears, I also found it to be a compelling story. I can't believe it. That's such a fascinating tale. I'm relieved that a film got produced on the subject. It's a must-see, and I will be watching this on release.


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Incredible is all I can say. I'm gobsmacked that a movie was made about it. I know you'll want to watch this. Having never heard this story before, the trailer moved me to tears. I am grateful that more first-person accounts of the experiences of refugees are being shared.


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Netflix already has many ridiculous shows and movies, and now they're making even sillier ones.I am glad that they are still making serious and moving movies like this somehow. It's fantastic to see this in action. The backstory was just as incredible and needed to be told with precision and care. The sibling bond was more believable thanks to the excellent casting choice of real sisters.


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I did not follow this true life story and the accomplishments that they achieved ,looking forward to see it on netflix and how inspring it is.I am always a fun for such stories that have a potential that not all hope is lost when your life is shuttered.An sure it is a great movie.


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This is a very stunning story the girls survived a very challenging and tempting journey. Swimming all the way from Syria to Germany through the sea.