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Who knew we were getting TWO new Kirby games in 2022? Only Nintendo, until today. With Kirby And The Forbidden Land only a few months old, no one expected to see the pink vacuum cleaner again so soon….but here it is, Kirby’s Dream Buffet.
To be fair, this doesn’t appear to be a full game the way Kirby And The Forbidden Land was. It feels a lot like a budget title, or possibly even a free(mium) game. Four multicolored Kirbies, joined by a whole lot of Waddle Dees, are in a race around an edible world. Kirby can eat the food he comes across, and everything he consumes makes him bigger…and yes, some of the food gives your Kirby special powers. It’s primarily meant for two or more players, and very likely has an online mode.
It seems to take a lot from Fall Guys, though we won’t know just how much until it comes out. It’s unusual for Nintendo to be chasing a trend or copying another game — that’s usually not how they roll. In this case the rolls are literal, as your Kirbies tumble down...

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Yellow Grass Prod.

Turbo power! Ha!
If not the happiest Kirby we've ever seen right now, he has unlimited access to food. The Gameplay reminds me a lot of Fall Guys but more cuter