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Sentaifan'07 Xman

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Not to worry, Kivat-senpai. See you tommorow.

For Ryoutarou-kun, sorry for stealing your answer so here's a question for you.

Name several Sentai villains that actually survived the final battles. (VS. movies don't count.)


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Vancuria/Nai&mea, Sphinx, Sheema, Igam, Yatsudenwani, Furabijo (technically), Lila, almost all of Bowzock.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Well, do you want people to list all of them? Seems like that's what you're going for now and it doesn't seem too clear as to what "serveral" could mean.


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That's not how it works, the person who correctly answers the current question gets to ask the next one.

And I know, it's that Xman took my turn, but I'm just being polite.

So when his question is answered I'll go, or I'll go right now. It's what ever.

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