The Super Sentai Question N' Answer Game


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Following JettoJaguar's lead, let's do one about sentai.
I'll start with an easy one.

What's the name of the self-enlarging technique used by the Rinrinshii in Gekiranger?
Japanese and/or english.

Aoi Kurenai

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Alrighty, this is an easy one if you know your Sentai history. Jetman's Tran eventually becomes Tranza later on in the series, name the two other regular roles Tranza's actor has had in other Sentai series.

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I don't know how or why people started thinking Hirose played X1 Mask. I've had a few YouTube messages about my Hirose tribute vid saying "Hey, you left out X1 Mask." They don't even look alike! You can also always spot Hirose by his voice, they don't sound similar, either. The guy who played X1 Mask sounds like Takeru smacked him in the nuts with Godhand.


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ZyuPink, LiveBlue, annnnnnnd ummm ****! hold up..oh ok Pink Racer.

My bad for the names.

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Thats almooost correct... just the names; you might want to get them right, for I'm not sure if they'll let you continue with that. :sweat:


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DamNiT! alright hold on. NOBODY STEAL my Q&A!

be right back.

Ight, Mei (Zyu), Megumi (Liveman), Youko (Carranger)

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Thats almooost correct (again), but I want the name of them after they transformed, not when they're in human form. (as in, the correct form of Zyupink lol)

Name 3 transformed Sentai heroines who use a trademark Bow-type weapon.


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HOLd up Again, Nobody SteaL my ****!

Ight (again) Phew! Ptera Ranger, Blue Dolphin, Pink Racer.