The Star Trek Thread - Number one....ENGAGE!

So, we have quite a few Star Trek fans around nah, what ever you call yourself.
Here is a place to talk Trek, whatever it may be:

Kirk V Picard (V Sisko V Janeway V Archer)
What Series/Movies rock and what suck.
Episodes, Characters, Rubber forehead Aliens, Planets of Hats......



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Who's Krik?

Kirk > Picard > Janeway > Archer

Sorry, not a fan of DS9. :anime:


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Krik V Picard

I was actually just thinking about this last night. Obviously both very talented leaders but for me it comes down to who I'd serve under. Thus my vote goes to Picard.

Kirk seems like the kind of guy I'd love to hang out with on the weekends, absolutely. But I wouldn't want to step foot on his ship. Being the space cowboy looks really cool until you take in the scope of Starfleet, of the Federation. Take it all in. Then look at Kirk. No. Fuckin. Way.

Picard, while not someone I'd go club hopping with is a consummate professional. I would serve under him any day.
One common complaint for Picard i hear all the time is that he is a Diplomat First, Soldier Second as well as a Pacifist unless it was absolutely necessary to fight. Kirk, while still the a Diplomat/Solider was much faster to pull out his phaser or attack a unknown.

That might have to do with the times though, with Kirks era having a Cold War with the Kinglons and the Romulains lurking, where as Picard's time was rather more Peaceful (Klingons where allies now, Romulains shut themsleves off for 50 some years).
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See, and I just find those same reasons as examples for Picard and against Kirk. Also era be damned, if there were more people like Picard and less loose cannons the war might have been over sooner.

EDIT: Oh Porthos :( so sad.


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Picard. I'm more familiar with his character. I've only seen about 10 episodes of the original series.

A little Star Trek humor...

[hide] [ame=""]YouTube - Ensign Ricky[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Family Guy - Commander Worf's head [HD][/ame][/hide]

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It seems that people prefer the rougish captains over the more diplomatic ones like Picard. I think that's partly the reason they made Archer all "I'm-gonna-break-all-the-rules" during the Xindi arc in Enterprise.

I prefer Picard's style. He knows when it's acceptable to take a risk and not, and he will almost always pursue the diplomatic method but when push comes to shove he doesn't flinch.
Did someone say Picard Vs Sisko? (NSFW - Language)

[ame=""]TNG Recut 139[/ame]


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Reason #37 why Picard is badass. After arguing with these idiots for three days on resettlement of some colonists...

[ame=""]YouTube - Negotiation, Picard style[/ame]

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I want to read this thread again when I'm somewhere that doesn't block youtube. :laugh:

Though some of them sound familiar, just by the names of them. :thumbs:
Picard...he's awesome everything in a good way in Star Trek! I'm big fan of that show! I love it when he says "Number One...engage!".

That's why he's awesome! I'm wondering if Orginial Star Trek will be on Blu-Ray? :hmm:

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What's everyone's top Trek: TNG movies?

For me:

First Contact

Generations and Nemesis are nearly tied for my least favorite of the movies. It's not that either are particularly bad movies, just my least favorite of the four TNG movies. Also, thoughts on the original movies? I haven't watched all of them so I'll save my opinion on those until after I do.

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[ame=""]YouTube - Don't mess with Captain Janeway![/ame]

I've always been a fan of Janeway above all the others. :D

I've only seen a few movies, but I'd say my favorite TNG ones are Generations and First Contact.


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
I always get goosebumps whenever I here Captain Janeway speaks... :laugh:

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