The Sega Master System


Anyone else have one these Growing up? This was my first video game console and the very first game I played was Psycho fox. I think the console came with a gun because I've always had the gun. Plus the console has two games built into a Bike racing game and Duck hunt like game. Anyways the Sega Master system is awesome.

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Sadly I never owned a SMS... but I did recently play through Phantasy Star. It's my favorite 8-bit RPG now. Absolutely amazing.


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I'm not too familiar with the SMS. The first SMS games I played were Space Harrier and Hang-On at the arcade on Shenmue. A local game shop by my house sells several different versions of the console, varying from $65 to $130.

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: D I had one of these when I was growin up! Two, in fact -- a friend of the family gaves us theirs when ours broke down. 'twas a Master System II, to be precise, with Alex Kidd built in. We also had Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Chaos on it and I'd usually play one of those three. Or Jurassic Park occasionally. Also tried one of them Y's games on there, but back then, video game localization on consoles wasn't that common so I understood jack about what I had to do since I didn't know any English then.
Those times were awesome. It's too bad that SEGA themselves only ever remember the Game Gear when it comes to their 8-bit game collections -- especially considering that, unlike the GG titles, Master System titles were actually made to fit a TV screen snuggly. That, and Sonic Chaos' Gigaopolis' music was far superior on the Master System. <3


there was one in my home for as long as i could remember. Likely belonged to my brother. That didn't stop me from playing though. As far as the games we had....there was hang on, parlour games, and some wierd super 8bit game that was on a little black disk.