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Shaken Not Stirred!!
If you haven't already read this book, it's a must for anybody that ever feels negative or down!! It focuses on the law of attraction and how we attract everything to us with our thoughts, be it good or bad.. It really does make sense when you read the book and I must admit I was sceptical beforehand but now I live my life by that book and I am completely stress and worry free, well, most of the time anyway :)


The Secret is a great introduction into Law of Attraction and Manifestation principles. My copy was missing and I recently found it in the trunk of my car after a move. If you are looking for other titles or even course type material to start implementing even more of these principles, John Randolph Price and Joseph Murphy write well on the subject. A great site for a ton of these titles is


I read The Secret when it first came out. It seems to me that it borrowed heavily from many philosophies that I was already familiar with. I think that anyone who isn't familiar with the source material would find it very enlightening.


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Funny thing I just saw the book today with my friend. It has Bob Proctor as a contributor. This is important as he is the foremost authority on The law of Attraction. However, this book also merges a lot of philosophies making it a great read.