The S.H. Figuarts Thread: Justi-5's the Figure

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Shadow Moon has the extending hips, actually. Black/RX, Decade, Diend, Agito, G3, Kuuga, the Ryuki guys, and all the variations thereon are the only figures that I remember having that kind of hip. The extending hip is standard, but don't let one or two scary reports shake you - I have about a dozen Figuarts with that hip joint and I've never had a single one break on me. So have lots of other people. I think Tiger is the only Figuart I know of with it as a big, widespread problem - the rest are just random bad QC cases and most toylines will have that issue.

I just want to make sure that I'm not going to drop $100 on these toys (like Shadow Moon) and end up having a figure I will have spent that much on for nothing and have no way of replacing it.
Do we know if the Penultimate powers coming with the Sentai Reds in the next few months are just 1st release bonuses like the Gokai Darin or will future releases come with them.
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