The Return Of Fist Of The North Star, And Other June Highlights From Viz Media

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Jun 20, 2012
After decades tangled up in legal issues, Viz has announced one of the world’s most influential manga will be reprinted at last: Fist of the North Star. Revolving around a warrior named Ken whose punches are so powerful they make his enemies explode, the manga inspired countless other authors and received its own golden-age anime, plus tons of merchandise. If you’ve never read it before (through legal means at least), you’ll soon have your chance. Viz will be shipping a new edition of Fist of the North Star to bookstores this June, along with these other things….
Fist of the North Star, Vol. 1
One day, a wanderer appears out of the wasteland to bring justice to the guilty and hope to the people—a warrior named Ken, a man who bears seven scars upon his chest and holds the secret of a mysterious martial art known as Hokuto Shinken, the Divine Fist of the North Star...

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