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Ready! Fire!!
DAT Face. Yeah right. Basicly using that face of Madoka and took pics of her doing such.

This is your basic.


And this is... Well you could proberly make this out.






^There's a pic I wanted to take with Amazon and Kyubey inspired by this fan art XD

It's kinda out of character for him to do that.It's like Eiji in Movie War Core giving out free money.

Well, that's one of the beauty of collecting figures. At least for me.
You can make the character do its usual/signature pose but you can also make it do the pose the character can't/won't/shall not do on its show, which is fun :p

Kaji Motomiya

Manzai 3 - Like Night and Day

If you've learned other mythologies, specifically Japanese, than this comic is for you.


The jokes in this comic are mainly Japanese word-play related, though they follow a consistent theme. They involve Japanese legends I learned from playing Persona 4 while playing with the roles used in Manzai groups.

The first joke is a play of the word "bokke" (as you can see is the funny man) and a wooden sword, "bokken", a wooden sword used in Japan and often depicted in popular anime media as used by gangster-type characters.

Next is where is gets a bit hazy. Tsukuyomi is a play on Yomita's name, "Yomi,", and the manzai term, "Tsukomi", but made to look like Tsukuyomi, the moon god in Shinto and Japanese mythology. He is one of the three children of Izanagi. Yomita then retorts by calling Matoku "Amatorasu". This is also a play, using Matoku's name "Mato" and the sun god "Amaterasu". Like Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu is one of Izanagi's children (the third and last being Susanoo).

Finally, the last joke, though very vague, is a play on the legend. Uke Mochi was the goddess of food and was holding a feast in which Tsukuyomi represented Amaterasu for. But though the food was delicious and good, the methods of preparing were not to Tsukuyomi's taste (the food was made through the mouth and anus...). So he killed her. When Amaterasu got wind of this, she was so angered by Tsukuyomi's actions that she vowed never to see her again and moved to the other part of the sky, making night and day (which is why the sun and moon never Japanese mythology...). The joke reverses this role with Yomita's words taking Tsukuyomi to heart while giving off the same anger Amaterasu felt.

This joke was...mighty difficult, but I've been wanting to pull this off for some time.


All Decade's Fault

You know, I've been ignoring my figures for the longest while. I should start making smart cracks with them once I get Touma and Misaka out...

Kaji Motomiya

2-21 (41) - Overpowered, Outmatched

This strips breaks the record of my comic as the longest strip/most panels in the comic, the first being the Season 1 finale at 28 panels, and the previous strip equaling that amount.

Huge image is huge. 54 panels, around 8k pixels long. Give it time.


Kaji Motomiya

Yup, it's a ball joint. Actually, it's double-jointed. The head connects to the neck, where the peg is, while the neck connects to a peg on the top of the torso. I meant to pull off the head, but I ended up pulling off the entire neck instead. And ****, let me tell you, it wasn't easy putting it back on.

Seriously, I HATE W Figuarts. I regret buying them. They are SO hard to snap on their hands and heads (strangely not legs) back to the balljoints because the joints move around so much!


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
@Kaji: Your image is quite big. You might want to resize that.

@Tommy: Yeah, you can pop the head off of the SHF figures. This is how you swap Skull's head for the Crystal one. ;)

Kaji Motomiya

@Kaji: Your image is quite big. You might want to resize that.

@Tommy: Yeah, you can pop the head off of the SHF figures. This is how you swap Skull's head for the Crystal one. ;)

I said in the beginning, big image is big. It's the standard 800 width image size I use for all my comics when publishing them online; the length varies depending on the number of sets of 2 panels. It's 27 360px long (with 4px spacing in between) image, of course it'll be quite big.

I'm not going to change the image size. if you want you can get someone to put it in HIDE tags because my phone does not agree with me typing BBCode.
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