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The Princess is the Hollywood debut of the Vietnamese-born director Le-Van Kiet. He is well-known in his home nation of Vietnam for his action and horror films. This film, along with the Shark Film “The Requin,” is his big opportunity to crossover. The Princess wants to break the trope of a Damsel in Distress. Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton pen the script. Remember how The Prince and Maleficent have most of the face time in Sleeping Beauty while Aurora just slept the whole film. That is a prime example of this old trope still haunts fiction revolving around King’s daughters.
They are both men, but they seem to deliver on the challenge of writing a strong female character. The movie centers around a Royal daughter who decided to control her fate. Instead of depending on a man to help...

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When I was a little girl, I want to be a Princess but not anymore. I prefer to be the Empress that rules over the Empire! Than a weak Princess to be rescued. I like the concept of this movie. I can't believe Joey King is all grown up now because I remember her a little girl in the Ramona and Beezus movie with Selena Gomez playing her big sister.


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Remember the Disney film Brave? This is like a live action version of it. Both movies are about Ginger haired Princesses who refuses to get married. I love how the society had progressed. Older films is always about women being desperate to have a man in their life. A woman can be happy even without getting married.


AMAWEMEN Hear me roar!
I can see those straight while male "anti-woke" Vloggers on YouTube hating this movie now and I will watch this movie as a celebration of their misery. Why are men so hateful of strong female characters. Why they accuse every female lead film as "woke"


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@Awakens The trailer is already getting Dislikes Bombs. Are men's masculinity so fragile right now that they tremble with fear and hate whenever they see a strong woman?

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