The pizza thread:what kind do you like


I love a good taco pizza. A local place here has a beef taco pizza with a bean sauce. Has lettuce, tomato, cheese, olives, and nacho chips on top with onions.


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Regular, Bacon, Pepp, Meat Lovers, Sausage.

I never went truly outside of the box though. :hmm:


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Growing up in NY when I was a kid, I was always down for that thin crust style of Pizzas. No hate against the Deep Dish and ****, but always loved that Thin Crust.

Other than that, Pizza Hut Meat Lovers mos def


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I been exploring various flavors, but more time than not I'll default back to pepperoni.

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Stuffed Cheese Crust with Pepperoni,Bacon,Sausage,Onions,Green Peppers, Mushrooms, and Double Cheese pizza, or I like to call it : the W/Double Pizza :buttrock:


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Cheese, Sausage, Hamburger and Pepperoni (Pepperoni's at the bottom cause I like it but I tend to go through a few drink refills when eating it xP).

Also, I love a lot when the crust has cheese cooked in it.


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We had the pancake/waffle thread, then the eggs/breakfast thread... Now we have the Pizza thread... :laugh:

I make my own version... Tortilla, salsa, cheese, and chicken... Toaster oven for about minutes, and viola! :thumbs:

If you have some left over spaghetti sauce, that'll do to replace the salsa... :anime:


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I prefer pizzas with meats.
But if it doesn't have onions or mushrooms I'll eat practically any pizza.
Though I don't really like pizzas heavy with peppers, but I still eat them.

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