The OneUps Release 20th Anniversary Album

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One of the more veteran video game music cover bands, The OneUps, celebrates their 20th anniversary in 2022. And to celebrate, they’re publishing their first vinyl release through Troggo Studio. 20, a limited edition 500-print run retrospective vinyl, will be released in mid-November.
The album features one track from each of the band’s eight mainline albums, as well as excerptsfrom an exclusive interview with The OneUps on the album artwork. QR codes sprinkled throiugh the text will allow the reader to view music videos from The OneUps’ history where appropriate.
1. The Legend of Zelda – Bossa De Link [Volume 1]
2. Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone [Volume 2]
3. Super Mario Kart – Rainbow Road [Super Mario Kart Album]
4. Super Metroid – Space Warrior Sound Machine [Intergalactic Redux]
5. TMNT II: The Arcade Game – Super Solar Sewer System [Intergalactic Continuum]
6. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Vampire Roadshow [Songs for the RecentlyDeceased]
7. F-Zero – Port...

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I must admit that the OneUps being released on vinyl for the first time can be rather fascinating. But I can't wait to hear these soaring songs in the middle of November. The samples on YouTube are total earworms.

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