General Discussion The One Thing You want for Christmas?

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A few years back the wife and I stopped buying for each other, because of money reasons, and just never picked it back up when things got better. I now look forward to the kids' joy more than anything I personally want. I do want a new computer, as my eMachine is on it's last leg. Yeah, they don't make them anymore, so I might want to keep it as a relic. But since I won't get it for Christmas, I am holding out for tax time. How about you? What do you want? Are you going to get it?
Well I hope you get it soon, if not Christmas. :) I want a new phone actually. About a month ago my phone got stolen and nothing could be done about it apparently by the police so I've been using a very old samsung phone that's been lying around. But with so many things going on, I don't think I'm going to get it.


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My son, husband, and I don't buy presents for each other either. We make our presents. They've been working on a carpentry project so I'm really hoping they're building a day bed for our RV. We also pick a needy family each year & get Christmas for them. A toy for each kid, Christmas dinner, and I make gloves, hats, and scarves for everyone.


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I want a small, inexpensive home of my own. Living at home is too stressful and emotionally draining.
I got a new phone for Christmas, just like I wanted. I was expecting to walk into AT&T with my dad and get a crappy android phone, but the guy working there hooked us up big time! Not only is our cell phone bill now split in half, but both my brother and I got brand new iPhone 6's!


My family and I don't celebrate Christmas anymore. It's been a long time since I got anything. But if there is anything I want it would be a new motorcycle. Yeah who's going to buy that for me right? Too damn expensive. But it is just wishful thinking.


I got a really cheap laptop (first one ever!) since I'm going off to college in a few weeks, and a bunch of clothes I told my grandparents to buy me.

My grandma also stuck 300 dollars in with her present but my parents don't like it when she does that so they dont have to know. :rolleyes:


To be honest, I wanted nothing for Christmas this year, except cash. I have wants throughout the year, like a new laptop for example, but it's not something that I really need at the moment so I'd much prefer cash to save for future purposes.

But then, we don't really take Christmas seriously, and I'm not a child anymore to be getting gifts from relatives.


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I haven't really asked for anything big this year according to my mother in law and husband. But I thought it was plenty and I got all that I asked for (save for things that YODEL is still to deliver :mad:).
I needed a pair of earphones, a pedometer, a wallet, yoga mat, yoga blocks and a kettlebell.