The Official Power Rangers Dino Charge Feedback Thread


For all you UK fans, there are Dino Charge events happening around the country to help promote the new season: Power Rangers Dino Charge Gears Up or UK Summer Tour.

Briar Fendall has been cast in Dino Super Char as the voice of "Cindy."

I initially thought it was a bit odd that with a name like Cindy it'd be considered a voice role, but then I started thinking about the one monster that has a baby form. With her profile popping up in my search so late, I'm thinking the name Cindy is the name of the baby-half of that monster for Super Charge's Halloween episode since it's other half is a Vampire.
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For Australian fans. Via Bandai Namco AU:

Saban’s Power Rangers Dino Charge debuting on GO! this Sun at 11am. Bandai toy range coming Sept school holidays!!



Seems that a new Dino Charge mobile game is being released at midnight called Power Rangers Dino Charge Rumble

“Get Dino Charged! Power up with the Dino Charge Power Rangers in this stunning 3D game for tablets and mobile phones. Battle Sledge and his monster army with simple taps and swipes, while immersing yourself in an original Power Rangers story that features lots of comic book animation. The future of the planet is at stake… and only you can help the Power Rangers triumph!”

StoryToys Entertainment is creating the game and they had previously made a Julius Jr. game. I haven't found anything else about the game.
After the severe unmitigated failure of megafarce, anything afterwards would had to have been a step up in quality. That is exactly what Dino,charge is. The characters are like able, but flawed, there is a genuine consistency with the plotting, where things are mentioned and followed up on. The dialogue can be a bit iffy, but it's not a huge problem the way it's been in the past.

I love how things have played our and have progressed thus far.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Has anyone actually heard anything concerning DVD releases? I definitely would rather have a season set, but I really want to see the parts of the show I've missed as soon as possible, seeing as I don't have cable. :anime:

And, yes, in case anyone is wondering, I DO like pretty much all I've seen of Dino Charge & I DO applaud Lynn & his crew for what they've been able to accomplish, aside the circumstances. Literally the most fun I've had watching PR in over 10 years almost every time I see a new episode.


A DVD of the first 5 episodes is being released in Australia in October, but I haven't heard anything about a US release.