The Official Now Playing Thread (Movie Edition)

Dead Space (1991)
Dead Space: Downfall
Dead Space: Aftermath
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead
The Babadook
Home Sweet Home
Far Cry (2008)
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Slaughterhouse Rock
The Gallows
As Above, So Below
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising
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It's morphin time! Dragonzord!

Avengers age of Ultron

Doctor Who season 9 episode 7 " The Zygon Invasion "

Chateau de Versailles final

Random Gackt music videos currently my favorite is " Metamorphoze " or " Episode 0. "


It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
I heard really mixed reviews of that film but what's your personal opinion on it usually when it comes in Naruto I like it the action is always great even if the story isn't. Imo, I got to the point where they're in the cave and he says quote the water isn't wet which is odd and then they're all coming down to some cave

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