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Keith Justice

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First one clocks in at one of my top five all time favorites.... and their movie, Speed Racer also clocks in at one of my top five all times. :thumbs:

Inui Takumi

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I didnt watch the first one in its entirety till around the time that the second movie, Reloaded, came out. After watching the original, I was super hyped for the sequel. Got three quarters of the way through the sequel in the theaters before I got totally lost. Waited for the dvd release of Revolutions before I watched that on rental. First movie is definitely the best, really made you think. Second one was a good action flick. Third movie...well we dont talk about the third one. :p


The Matrix Online probably has enough plot to make a fourth movie, what with The Kid taking over and Sati being kidnapped.

*runs and hides*


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I like all the movies and the animatrix. Though the first movie is the best. It has that cult-movie feel to it. That timeless Bladerunner/StarWars feel to it. Where no matter how much time passes, it's still a trip and crazy.

The other movies, after rewatching them on bluray, weren't that great. Animatrix is still great.


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I just saw 'Matrix' as the title so I thought, "Hell I'll post" Then I saw you were takling about the movies. Well considering how my name has NOTHING to do the movies, and I have only seen one, (Last week while I was sick, on AMC) I will go with that one as my fav.

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