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Man, there was a time when getting any continuation of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner beyond the 1982 original was a mere pipe dream. Now there seems to be no end to the procession of Replicants, Turing Tests, and the Runners who hunt robots down rain-slicked, grungy urban streets. You can thank Blade Runner 2049 for this; the sequel was considered a risky gamble at the time but it paid off and now suits have confidence in the concept.
Amazon announced today that Blade Runner 2099, a live-action limited series, is now in production for Prime Video. Scott will serve as executive producer alongside Michael Green, who was involved with Blade Runner 2049. Silka Luisa (Shining Girls) will serve as the showrunner. No mention of what the plot is, but we doubt it’s anything too far from what the last few have been like.
“The original Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, is considered one...

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Okay, Amazon Prime has my whole focus at this point, but I'm grateful that this is a complete limited series because real shows frequently get canceled and have cliffhanger endings.


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Can they uncancel Papergirls first? It has a dedicated fanbase and they canceled it Despite the positive feedback and reviews from both critics and fans.


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Amazon, kindly try to make it superior than your television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings or the other Blade Runner sequel. I like the concept of a TV series based on the Blade Runner 2049 sequel, with Ridley Scott serving as Executive Producer. When Amazon Prime launches, I'll surely sign up.


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For me, both the original and 2049 are among the best films of all time, Yes I said it! All time!. Let's pray they don't botch this. The original film is an absolute masterpiece. Easily one of the best films of all time, if not my all-time favorite.
It's one of the first dystopian works that explicitly imagines a late capitalist tech sector gone astray. As such, it strikes me as being profoundly anti-capitalist. Blade Runner is one of the first works that explicitly imagines a late capitalist tech sector gone astray. I can't fathom the fact that Amazon is one of the five largest companies in the world gives me a reason to believe that they will not stick to that narrative. As a result, I believe that this series will be pointless and will not be true to the original source material.
The realization of this will most certainly be discouraging.
Are we going to have the characters from the other movies back or are we going to have brand new characters for this sequel?


Harrison Ford is next Blade Runner? Man he is great and he will do job very good but somehow he will always stay Han Solo for me and Han Solo would not survieve in Blade Runner world.