The New Spider-Man Movie

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[ame=""]Andrew Garfield Films 'The Amazing Spider-Man' in New York City Video ?[/ame]

Proto spider-man in action

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I thought that the lizard would start out like the Ditko version


Apparently entirely CGI, the character goes back to the original Ditko look, though the character's body is much more muscular. He also, as is revealed in a shot where he sniffs the terrified girls, has a gigantic tongue.


And then by the end of the movie it evolves into a McFarlane Lizard or one with a bigger head


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I'm done. At least this gives fans of the original trilogy some closure with the 3 film build up of Dr. Connors which turned to nothing thanks to the reboot.


Hopefully they don't end the season with a cliffhanger (in case they are cancelled), which has been the mistake of just about every Spidey cartoon since the 90s.

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A darker toned Spider-Man is like a big natural breasted woman, more to love.

This movie is going to slay the Raimi trilogy to pieces. Mark my words.

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