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The Mummy featuring Tome Cruise will be releasing in in the summer. The movie trailer is creating a sensation on YouTube. Does anyone know whether this movie is the same franchise that has already released couple of Mummy movies.


Like Zombies, the Mummy is also a sure blockbuster in the cinema. Although I am not a fan of zombies or mummy movies because to me they are unreal, I have so many friends who are die-hard when it comes to horror fantasy. I remember the vampire movies that they have patronized and until now they are still active in telling stories about those movie series. And to think that it is Tom Cruise in the lead role, I guess it is another hit.


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I am a die hard fan of The Mummy series of the movies. I must have watch uncountable type including the Scorpion King.

I hope that Tom Cruise lives up to our expectation and keeps the charm of the movie on.


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I am a big fan of fantasy horror movies and in fact I love all those movies that are related to fantasy world. I have seen all the two Mummy movies (I think there are only two) and this one must be the third one. Special effects are really amazing in Mummy movies and I think it will become better in coming movies as technology has advanced a lot during this time. I am sure we will be able to see some superb action and amazing special effects in the new Mummy version.

The tiny beetle kind of things that pierce through skin are really creepy. After Mummy became a success many movies started replicating that beetles in their movies too.


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I saw the new preview for the new one that they are making and I just cannot believe it. The first one or two or three or four or whatever they made were all bad, and here we go again where someone will make millions off of it.

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