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The Most Hated Man on the Internet is another True Crime documentary from Netflix. The Internet is a tool that puts the world through our hands. We can communicate with people from around the world with just a click of a finger. Before the Internet, we need to read hundreds of books to do research. Now we can achieve that with a click of a button. The Internet also made access to porn easier. No more malicious stares to judge you when you enter an adult video shop or theater. You can do it in your bedroom privacy with the door locked. I had nothing against porn, and In fact, I love watching them right in front of my salad. There is nothing wrong with porn if it is between consenting adults. This documentary, though, focuses on a kind of porn that should be legal. Revenge Porn!
The Most Hated Man on the Internet Official Trailer

Hunter Moore created a website...

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That life ruining jerk was only jailed for 6 months and paid $2000 penalty. He is still rich from that disgusting website he made.


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What a repulsive individual. How he could ever live with himself after harming so many people is beyond me. Guys like him have the guts to criticize others in public while acting as if it's acceptable or cool. This scumbag needs more than 2.5 years of punishment.
You can't see any sign of remorse from his face in the interviews he have. He have women in his life like a mother or a sister and he treats them like trash. He merely turned vengeance into a business. I believe that taking revenge on women would harm many of them, but every action has a punishment. If not in this life, it will be in the afterlife. He disgust me!


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The only consolation in this is that people like him are unable to enjoy contented, happy lives. He will be miserable because many people hates him. His defenders and fanbase are MGTOWs and Incels.


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I actually thought that was a pornographic movie. Yikes! I really I'm skeptical about sending nudes you never know what people do with them.


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If I am one of the victims, I will try to hire a hitman to finish him off. The earth will be a better place without him.


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I watched the video, and the only thing that bothered me the entire time was the support he received. People treated him like God because they believed he was in the right. The lives of both boys and girls were in danger. They experienced account hacking. If they lost their employment, would his supporters still back him? What sort of life were they leading if they didn't cherish people? That people were using hacked photographs to intimidate and ruin lives disgusts me. I had a lot to process as a female and a person after reading this.