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It’s easy to forget how HUGE The Matrix was when it opened in 1999, and how no one saw it coming. R-rated sci-fi yarns tended not to do well, but within a few months Bullet Time, red and blue pills, and endless virtual racks of weaponry in a white space had all become permanent pop culture fixtures. Only one thing could kill Matrix Mania and that was a disappointing follow-up. We got two.
But Lily Wachowski has been given a chance to redeem herself with The Matrix Resurrection, featuring the return of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and just about everything else. The movie is due out just before Christmas; the final trailer was released today.
When we saw the previous trailer with the White Rabbit cover we thought “boy, a lot of this feels familiar.” We hadn’t seen anything yet. This one just literally uses clips from the first three movies, and shoves them against similar-looking clips from the upcoming sequel, as if to shrug and say “Why not admit it.”
We can’t say for certain...

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