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We are drifting ever so closer to the October 30 release date for The Mandalorian on Disney+, and as of today, we finally have a good look at what’s coming. From this viewpoint, it looks to be just as excellent as what came before it.
Now reunited with The Child (aka “Baby Yoda”), Mando has been given his main mission that will likely span the rest of the series: return the baby to his clan. The big problem is twofold: one, nobody knows anything about The Child’s race, where they came from or where they typically reside.
Two, Mando hears of a prophecy that someday a great war will take place between the Mandalorians and a race of “sorcerors” that greatly resemble the pointy-eared kid he’s lugging along. When Mando finally tracks down his family, they may not welcome him with open arms.
Mando’s more immediate problem is Moff Gideon, who survived their previous confrontation and turns out to possess a deadly weapon called the Darksaber. The baby only offers sparing deux ex machina...
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