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The Man With a Tapeworm in His Brain

One UK man's own personal horror movie might be a boon to scientists, as they've removed a rare tapeworm from his brain and sequenced its genetic information.

Tapeworms are usually "polite" enough to stay in human intestines. But nothing says they have to, and the larvae of some species are known to roam, even to the eyes, brain and spinal cord. Getting queasy yet? Sorry, it gets worse from here.

The 50-year-old man, who was of Chinese descent and often traveled to his homeland, was admitted...
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This article states that only 300 cases of this parasite burrowing into the human brain have been reported since 1953.

However, part of me suspects that this happens far more frequently than stated--solely because it would explain so much, so very, very much, about our species.
A snarky, misanthropic quip was the first thing that came to mind upon learning about this brain burrowing parasite. Meat Beat Manifesto's techno classic Helter Skelter is the second thing that comes to mind, due to its opening "it's in my brain" sample.



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Ewh creepy, can you imagine, just the thought of something like that is sickening. I have heard of people having all sorts of weird things living in them, there was this show on TV for awhile whats eating you or something like that. I would not want to think that some insect has laid anything that might hatch in my body.


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Wow, that is super disgusting and just outright creepy! I know that these things can get into the human body and I'll bet many times we are completely unaware of it. Yuck!


The title itself is cringeworthy. I didn't even know tapeworms can travel to someone's brain. I thought they were just limited to the stomach and other related areas. This is definitely disturbing to say the least.


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God that's a nightmare. That TV show Eaten Alive was gross. I think Bones did an episode where Hodgens let a fly grow inside him. Ugh! No thank you. Bugs have their benefits, but keep them out of the human body please.