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Last year’s Nintendo Gigaleak brought forth a treasure trove of secret insider content from the company’s long history. It turns out they never throw anything away, and the average unworthy N-fan got to see beta content, internal documents, and even source code in some cases. There was one thing, however, people hoped to find but didn’t: the beta areas of Zelda 64 (aka would would be released as Ocarina of Time).
Nintendo showed off the in-progress game at a Japanese trade show in the fall of 1997, and the areas differed in many ways from the final product that would come out one year later. Though a couple beta maps were in the Gigaleak, there was nothing substantial. But today, the missing areas were discovered — through a different source!

We have a prototype Nintendo 64 cartridge of F-Zero X that contained data from an early build of Zelda 64 that used to be on the cartridge. We're estimating it's from Spaceworld 1997. We're going to look into this more. Of course...
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